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About us

Based in West Michigan, Lake is good is a lifestyle company. Our mission is to produce charmingly designed high quality products that celebrate life at the lakeshore. Life is better at the lake!

As a child, I grew up spending summers at my grandparent’s cottage. There was always an immense feeling of delight whenever my parents said we were going to the lake. I loved playing on the beach and in the lake with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Summers at the lake allowed my family to gather together and share something very special. Now my children have the opportunity to do the same thing. They spend their free time in the summer with family at their grandparent’s cottage.  We all enjoy the magical feeling you get when you are at the beach. Our “happy place” is Lake Michigan and all the memories it holds.

Lake is good started for me at the lake. One sunny day on the deck overlooking Lake Michigan my sister in law and I had a conversation about Lake is good being up for sale. As she described Lake is good I became more intrigued.  Over the weekend I had several conversations with family about purchasing the business.  Those discussions at the lake set in motion the purchase of Lake is good.

-Alisa Duthler